Public Cloud Deployments

WekaIO Matrix on AWS

Deploy Matrix on any AWS instance that has local SSD or NVMe storage and dramatically improve your file storage.  Take advantage of the infinite compute resources available in the cloud for massive scale.  Matrix software can run on a portion of the instances while other compute-only instances can access the shared file system.  Integrated and transparent tiering to S3 provides best cost and infinite scale.

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  • Get Screaming Fast Performance for Your HPC Applications
  • Create Data Clones for DevOps Testing
  • Tier to S3 for Unlimited Capacity Scaling
  • Spin Up or Down New Compute Instances On Demand
  • Burst to the Cloud for On-Demand Computing

5 Reasons To Deploy the WekaIO Matrix™ Hardware Platform in the Amazon Cloud

Leveraging the Amazon Cloud to Dramatically Improve Application Performance and Scale

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